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Not Big Teams

We’ve worked with some of the largest brands, taking us across seven continents and more timezones than we care to admit.

Tackling large-scale projects with world-class creative means having a team that works like a well-oiled machine. Armed with a rock solid process and the experience to anticipate complex production
challenges before they become problems, means we get things done on-time and on-budget.

  • Geoff Davidson
    President / Director / Producer

    Geoff Davidson

    With nearly 10 years experience as a producer and director, Geoff is familiar with all forms of filmmaking. He’s directed and produced numerous national ads within Canada as well as overseas for the United Arab Emirates. Some of his accolades include two Best Film / Best Directing / Best Cinematography Awards for two indie films.

    Winning five other experiential awards, including a Promo Award, for ad agencies competing against Canada and US productions. His visions are carefully crafted and his understanding of post-production, allows him and his crew to shoot effectively and efficiently. Creating original content, executing shoots on time and under budget while getting the best work out of his crew are only a couple of the qualities Geoff brings to the table.

    Geoff is currently at the helm of two TV shows as producer and director.

  • Marcus Matyas
    Producer / Production Management

    Marcus Matyas

    Marcus has spent more than a decade working as an entrepreneur and filmmaker. Since making his transition into the world of film and television, he has been a creator, producer and collaborator on a diverse selection of original and imaginative projects including dramatic feature films, music videos and corporate spots.

    He is an integral part of dynamic studio team that has garnered numerous international awards in documentary and digital media. He’s currently producing alongside Geoff, on two TV shows set to air in June.

  • Tony Edgar
    Lead Cinematographer

    Tony Edgar

    Tony Edgar is a gun for hire. Generally, he is the lead cinematographer on almost all of RIP’s shoots. His skill as a camera operator is only matched by his skill at painting a set with light. Tony has shot films, TV pilots, commercials and music videos around the world. He’s used to extreme environments where the “run and gun” approach to filming is the only option. Environments like Playa Del Carmen, Dubai, Costa Rica and Hawaii to name only a few.

    Tony has become a voice for the new age cinematographer. His voice and words can be read in Canadian Society of Cinematographers magazine, where he and Geoff Davidson were featured as they were sent to Dubai to shoot two commercials for the United Arab Emirates as well as a film for Saudi Arabia.

    Tony has also shot commercials for RBC, Toyota, Callaway, Canon, Russel Peters and a feature documentary for HBO with Dan Akroyd.

  • Curry Leamen
    Post Supervisor / Cinematographer

    Curry Leamen

    Curry’s unique ability to edit, allows him to shoot exactly what he needs.

    Having an understanding of how things are cut in post, is absolutely crucial to any director and camera operator. Curry, not only specializing in Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Motion, After Effects and Color to only name a few, also has a diploma in visual effects. He has edited broadcast commercials for Cervelo, NBC, Versus as well as handled VFX work for both the film “Legion” as well as the hit TV series “Fringe.”

    He was assistant editor on Bruce McDonald’s feature doc “Music from the Big House” and was the lead cameraman for Kensington Tours in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia. RIP has proudly employed Mr. Leaman since 2010. Curry is lead post on two upcoming reality TV shows RIP is producing.

  • David Fudge
    Director / Audio

    David Fudge

    David is a man of many trades. His background as an audio recorder/mixer is something to marvel at.

    In the 4 years he’s been out of his post-grad, David has worked as the key sound mixer for XBOX commercials, corporate ads and shorts, short narrative films as well as several TV shows and a number of independent feature films.

    He’s also produced/directed two DVD series for Bootycamp Fitness as well as a TV pilot that shot in Mexico.

  • Mark Feenstra
    Director / Gaffer / Electric

    Mark Feenstra

    Mark, a man of many talents, has over 25 years experience in the film industry. Mark’s resume boasts directing, producing, writing, and gaffing to only name a few.

    He’s also been a professor at the Toronto Film School, teaching camera and directing to the up and coming filmmakers. Mark has worked all over the world but primarily works between California and Toronto. Mark has been involved with gripping / gaffing and electric in over 25 feature films (X-men, Hulk, Love Guru, Lucky Number Slevin to name a few).

    He was dubbed MacGyver for his “in the nick of time” resourcefulness. No matter what the issue may be, give Mark a tweezers, a match and some string…he’ll figure it out!

  • Ian Thomson
    Director / Audio / VFX

    Ian Thomson

    Ian Thomson is an award winning director, writer and creative producer.

    He has worked on projects ranging from film festival winning short films, to commercials and stereoscopic 3D productions.

    A specialist in automotive filmmaking and Stereoscopic 3D, Ian is versatile, creative and driven. With a flair for excitement and excellent comedic timing, Ian excels with any project that allows him to have fun on set, and try new things.

  • Davin Black
    Director / Producer / Editor

    Davin Black

    To know where Davin Black is going, is to find out where he has been. His love for live music carried him through eight years of inspirational travel and has fostered his dedication to the creation of visual compliments to music. Davin quickly absorbed production knowledge and now operates within all aspects of the film industry. His unique perspective and experience has led him to become an esteemed and award winning music video and commercial director and a feature film producer. Juno nominated and winner of the MuchMusic Best Rock Video Award, Davin Black has produced more than 200 music videos and directed over 50 with multiple award wins, Best Director nominations and #1 videos. Davin’s film sets are a common venue for interviews and behind-the-scene specials for multiple national media networks. Regarded as a respected expert within the music video industry, Davin has been featured on MuchMusic’s shows “Discovered” and “Disband”. He has presented his candid and practical advice to viewers and has assisted in the growth of emerging careers. Priding himself on developing bonds with artists and clients in order to collaboratively cultivate visual imagery, Davin continues to strive to create emotionally inspirational images. His ability to generate a versatile range of styles makes Davin Black a unique director who continues to push the limits of artistic impression.

We Produce Great

We know what it means to work with clients from start to finish. We do it everyday. From idea to execution and production to premiere, we manage the entire workflow

We have expertise in TV, Commercials, Indie Films, high end cinematic corporate shorts & green-screen production. We love shooting film – just not of your cat, so please don’t ask.

Judge Us By The Company We Keep

This is just a small selection of some of the companies we’re lucky enough to have worked for.

Rogers Logo Kraft Foods Logo
MacLaren McCann Sailor Jerry
Toyota Appleton Estate
Cadillac Hendricks Gin


Speaking of Good Company...

We play well with others and love it when we get to host other production companies in our space. If you need to rent studio space or you need some gear, we're happy to oblige.

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Understanding the client is the foundation for any project. Discovering who you are, who your target demographic is and what message you're sending is of paramount importance. Creating visually interesting content to share your message is what it's all about.

Conceptualizing, storyboarding and creating milestones for the life of the project are essential before the cameras start rolling. Live action, animation, themes, aesthetics are a few of the things we iron out.




Logistics, gear and crew assembly are all necessary so that the shoot runs smoothly. We want to make sure your film shoot is cost efficient!

Taking all the pre production work and executing our plan is what a great film shoot is all about. This is the exciting part!


No matter what the edit requires, we've got it handled. We do all our post in-house and have a talented team of trained professionals skilled from visual effects to music composition.

Whether it's for TV or web, we deliver on time and stand proudly by our work.


The News

RIP To Produce TV Series May 22, 2012

RIP has been brought on board to create and produce an in depth look into the lives of featured race car drivers from the Canadian Touring Car Championships.

Toyota Camry

RIP is excited to announce it will be producing the all new 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid driver experience. A 2 day shoot in Niagara on the Lake!

Grants Whisky

RIP has been brought on by MacLaren McCann to help tell the Grants True Tale events throughout the GTA. Great scotch and great stories make for a great shoot!

Cadillac CTSV 2012

Teaming up with the team at MacLaren McCann, RIP is set to produce another exciting in depth look at the driver training experience set to shoot at Mosport.

Identity Theft

RIP has been signed on to write, produce and shoot 4 commercial spots for an exciting new product for Roy, Speed & Ross, called Global Identity. A service that helps restore ones identity after it has been compromised. These commercials are to be dark and funny…did we mention we like to control everything?

Raging Indifference
Scion FR-S

RIP is now in talks with Scion and a race track event in Shannonville!


RIP is pleased to announce a second TV series that will air in Quebec on TVA Sports Network. The format will be the same as the English speaking reality show scheduled to air on Rogers Sportsnet 1. Being busy is a problem we like.

Raging Indifference
Hello world! April 23, 2012

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Raging Indifference
RIP is moving January 31, 2012

RIP is moving shop to Liberty Village. We are pleased to announce that our new office has an in house green screen studio – providing our clients with new, affordable creative freedom!

Raging Indifference
EPIC M December 17, 2011

RIP is eagerly awaiting 2012 as we've acquired Red's EPIC M Camera with a set of prime lenses to boot! 300 fps…no biggie!

Raging Indifference
Grants Whiskey December 8, 2011

RIP was pleased to create another series of short films for Grant's Scotch Whiskey, MacLaren Momentum and the talented Jian Gomeshi!

Raging Indifference
UAE + Saudi Arabia October 8, 2011

Geoff, was sent to Dubai to helm another United Arab Emirates commercial as well as a short film for Saudi Arabia. Shooting on both the Arri Alexa as well as 35mm, it was quite an experience!

Raging Indifference
Improve Canada September 5, 2011

Real Image Canada brought Geoff Davidson on board to direct a corporate short film. The film is based on a project that will come to fruition late 2013. It may very well change the way people renovate!

Raging Indifference
Kraft Foods August 25, 2011

Once again RIP partnered with MacLaren to create a cinematic short for Kraft Foods.

Raging Indifference
PROMO AWARD! August 19, 2011

RIP was thrilled to learn that last year's corporate short film for Hendrick's Gin, garnered another award for MacLaren Momentum! Hendrick's Gin placed silver to Glenfiddich's short at the Annual Promo Awards celebrated here in Toronto, Canada.

Raging Indifference
UAE National Ad August 9, 2011

Real Image Canada hired Geoff Davidson to direct the 1st of 3 national ads that will air in the United Arab Emirates. He's scheduled to helm the other 2 ads in Dubai later this fall.

Raging Indifference
White Oak Ford July 29, 2011

RIP creates an advert for White Oak Ford.

Raging Indifference
Grant's Scotch Whiskey July 25, 2011

RIP was pleased to create a compelling short film for Grant's Scotch Whiskey featuring Jian Gomeshi.

Raging Indifference
Sailor Jerry Rum July 11, 2011

It was RIP's pleasure to assist MacLaren with Sailor Jerry Rum for this years North by North East Music Festival. Three nights of shooting for one kick ass short film.

Raging Indifference

RIP was thrilled to learn that last year's corporate short for Sailor Jerry Rum won a Distinction Award at the 15th Annual Videographer Awards. The Distinction Award is earned by producing projects that exceed industry standards. Exceeding is what we aim for!

Raging Indifference

RIP was pleased to create a crafty short film for Autoplan's Envirolube!

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